QB96 Elite V2 Engine - Horticulture Lighting Group
QB96 Elite V2 Engine - Horticulture Lighting Group
QB96 Elite V2 Engine - Horticulture Lighting Group

QB96 Elite V2 Engine

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QB96 Elite V2 Quantum Board® Engine

QB96 Elite V2 is a white LED Board with boosted red spectrum. Each QB 96 Elite board has 64 High power White, 16 Red (630nm) and 16 Deep Red (660nm). QB96 Elite V2 offers a wider spectrum than standard 70 CRI, 80 CRI and 90 CRI LED.



  • QB 96 Elite Quantum Board
  • Thermal Pad, Tacky - Both Sides  
  • SSTX Heatsink
  • M3 Screws for Board
  • 1 yr warranty on the Board



  • QB 96 Elite Board Size 95.25mm X 70.36mm , 3.75 inches  X 2.77 inches
  • Max 4200mA with SSTX Heatsink and Thermal Pad
  • Absolute max 6000mA
  • Heatsink 125mm x 125mm base, 170mm x 170mm Flared side
  • M3 screw holes for board, M4 for mounting engine.

Thermal Pad

3M Acrylic Interface Pad 5590H OR Bergquist GAP PAD HC 3.0 is included. Remove liner on one side of die cut thermal pad, align screw holes with board and apply pad to board, remove liner from the other side and install board to heatsink. Thermal pad is not permanent and allows rework.

Note: Thermal pad is Tacky and not adhesive. Board requires screws to ensure board is securely mounted to heatsink.

Thermal Pad 2

(White) 3M Acrylic Interface Pad 5590H

(Blue) Bergquist GAP PAD HC 3.0

 Thermal Pad 1

Flux Characteristics at 55C

 VDC Current (mA) Watts at Board μmoles/joule at Board (55C)
51.5 1400 72 2.60
52.2 1750 91 2.52
53.4 2400 128 2.40
54 2800 151 2.36
55 3400 187 2.32
56 4000 224 2.25
  • Allow tolerance of an additional 1V while matching constant current drivers.
  • +/- 5% Flux tolerance.
  • Please use this as a reference only.
  • View Goniophotometer Test Report for Elite 360
  • Recommended Board Temperature: 85C max 


Driver Recommendations

Single QB 96 Elite V2

  • HLG-80H-54
  • HLG-100H-54
  • HLG-120H-54
  • HLG-150H-54
  • HLG-185H-54
  • HBG-160-60
  • HBG-200-60
  • LPC-100-1750
  • LPF-90-54 , LPF-90D-54
  • ELG-150-54, ELG-200-54 recommended for 200+VAC only


Two QB 96 Elite V2 in series

  • HLG-320H-C2800
  • HLG-240H-C2100
  • HLG-185H-C1400
  • HLG-120H-C1050
  • ELG-240-C2100, ELG-200-C1750, ELG-300-M   for 200+ VAC only


Four QB 96 Elite V2 in series

  • HLG-480H-C2100
  • HLG-320H-C1400


Multiple QB 96 Elite V2 in parallel

  • HLG-240H-54 with 2 or more boards in parallel
  • HLG-320H-54 with 2 or more boards in parallel
  • HLG-480H-54 with 3 or more boards in parallel
  • HLG-600H-54 with 3 or more boards in parallel
  • ELG-240-54 recommended for 200+VAC only



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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Jay Hinrichsen
Excellent products, excellent service.

Shout-out to #HLG for the excellent customer service and product support. I recently ordered 4 quantum boards for a project and upon receipt, every one had at least 1 broken/cracked Diode Crystal. After 4 emails and 4 days I have 4 brand new boards in hand at no cost. Best customer service I have experienced. Will definitely recommend HLG. and as an electrical technician I would love a chance to be part of any product testing in the future.

Killer Dave
Killer Results

I built 2 separate light bars . Each having two qb-96 leds hooked up to a HLG-320H-C2800B driver, I put a dimmer on it . It’s versatile enough to put into a 2x4 as a single or teamed up together for up to a 5x5 . I had both in a 6x6 room and they crushed it , the buds were super solid . The penetration down to the lowers was excellent. It might even be too much for a 4x4 with out a dimmer .The lights did need a fan on them to keep them cool . While these are not as efficient as most out there now I like that I can just replace the led for 50.00 each when they burn out . I find it more environmentally friendly than growing out a huge fixture in 5 years. These lights are great and can be pushed hard. They are super versatile, and the end product is excellent.
I had a technical question and I left a message w hlg support and never received any support . I figured it out myself, I was super let down by them...


I'm updating my review June 30th I recieved 2 of these light engines and 1 of the boards was damaged, exactly 1 week later a replacement board came in the mail, excellent customer service, I'll definitely do more business with them!

Came in damaged

I have several diffrent high and mid power lights I grow with and my very best grow was was with one of these, I ordered 2 more because I was so happy with the results, one of the boards came in damaged, 3 of the red diodes had messed up, or popped off domes on the diodes, I contacted them on the phone and by email for a replacement, I would give 5 stars otherwise this is an awesome light, I will give an update when they replace the damaged board

Jacob Hadary
Amazing little monsters

These things are amazing. I was using 4, 2 each on an HLG-320-54-A, and putting them at full power evenly spaced will burn buds in the corners of a 4x4 if you're not careful. I ordered 2 more so I can have more even light distribution and still be powerful enough to flower a 5x5 with great numbers in the corners. Great little lights.