Slate 2 - Horticulture Lighting Group
Slate 2 - Horticulture Lighting Group
Slate 2 - Horticulture Lighting Group
Slate 2 - Horticulture Lighting Group
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Predrilled Heatsink for Quantum Boards®

Save on heatsinks. Purchase Heatsinks + Boards Combos

Slate 2 series is ideal for low cost high power QB 648 and QB 288 cooling applications.


  •   Pre Drilled for 1x QB304 or 1x QB288 Quantum Board®
  •   Black Anodized
  •   Length: 340mm Width: 205mm Weight: 0.73kg
  •   M3 Screws to mount board included
  •   100W - 150 Watts LED


  •   Pre Drilled for 2x QB304 or 2x QB288 Quantum Board
  •   Black Anodized
  •   Length: 600mm Width: 205mm Weight: 1.5kg
  •   M3 Screws to mount board included
  •   100W - 260 Watts LED


  •   Pre Drilled for 3x QB304 or 3x QB288 Quantum Board
  •   Black Anodized
  •   Length: 891mm Width: 205mm Weight: 2kg
  •   M3 Screws to mount board included 
  •   100W - 325 Watts LED


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Frank Wright
OSRAM-600W-Driver and Rspec FR Quantum Board

The driver and boards just what I needed. Worked like a charm.

David Funk

Slate 2

Robert Snarski
Slate 2 double sinks, just great for the QB's

Picked up four of the Rspec FR (DIY ) QBs that are additional light for a well lit 4*8 already armed with a dozen older QB288's. They are strapped to a dozen Slate 2 singles and the four Rspec FR are going down the center of those.
Not only would I buy again, but I did AND I will again!
HLG knows how to bring it!!!!!
Others talk the talk, but HLG actually walks the walk!

Thanks again for the great lighting and the results are undeniable.
Robert ~

Anthony Sikorski
Very nice lights for the cost

the 320 watt 3 plate DIY kit with a meanwell 320/1.750 were good lights at $450 now you get 1 pieced together for $220 to $270 depending on driver I’m using a lot better driver then come with the DIY kit a meanwell 480/2.100 it’s an amazing difference with the 2.100amp then the 1.750 makes a 3x better light a much more ever footprint and better penetration with the 2.100 I’m looking at using 480/2.800 amp driver I want 2 more set ups from HLG I’m just short the $$$ right now Christmas is coming HLG should have a good sale then 🤞🇺🇸

Kevin Chiang
Good heat sink for the price

Great heat sink to mount some high-powered LED strips. Packaging needs to be more careful for the corners as mine came in slightly dent, but otherwise still functional