Scorpion Diablo vs Scorpion Diablo X

Scorpion Diablo vs Scorpion Diablo X

Newly engineered and designed, with a focus on the commercial cultivator and serious growers, HLG has developed a new lineup of products featuring our new integrated reflectors. The integrated reflector plates improve photon delivery, thereby resulting in better quality yields even at lower levels of the canopy.

Our Scorpion Diablo series is now available in two different models, the Scorpion Diablo and the Scorpion Diablo X, both with the new integrated reflector designed plates. The Scorpion Diablo continues to use the QB®648 LED modules with a full spectrum white and deep red, whereas the Scorpion Diablo X features an all new QB®548 LED module for growers who have requested an increase of red in the light spectrum. The Scorpion Diablo X with the new QB®548 shifts 10% of the Green spectrum to Red spectrum, with the blue content remaining near 20% of the total output. 

For new growers or growers with intermediate experience, standard Diablo spectrum offers a more easy to work with and forgiving spectrum. For experienced growers who have mastered the art of cultivation and are willing to push the limits, the Diablo X offers a more advanced spectrum recipe to maximize yield, growth rate and quality.



Scorpion Diablo

Scorpion Diablo X

LED Module QB® 648 QB® 548
Scorpion Diablo Spectrum
Scorpion Diablo Spectrum X
QB648 RGB Ratio
QB548 RGB Ratio
Efficacy 2.97 µmol/J 3.06 µmol/J
Total output 2121 PPF 2145 PPF
Certifications UL 8800, UL 1598 damp location, DLC UL 8800, UL 1598 damp location, DLC