Energy Calculator for Grow Rooms

Energy Calculator for Grow Rooms

Power Calculator

Power consumption is a significant expense for large grows. Check your utility bill or contact utility company to see power rates for your area. Note that power rate may be different for 120V and 240V. Depending on your utility provider the power rates may change with total usage or time of usage.

Cheat Sheet for HLG Lamps




650R 600 R
Watts* 655 620 630 620 332
PPF* 1920 1625 1770 1580 911

* Estimated. Actual numbers within 5%


Watts per Fixture:

PPF Output per Fixture (μmol or PPF):

Number of Fixtures:

Cost per Lamp: $

Utility Energy rate (kwhr): $

Lights on # of hrs a day (hrs):

# of days per cycle:



Efficiency μmol/joule or PPF/W :

Total μmol or PPF :

Total cost of Fixtures : $

Total Power Consumption Watts :

Total Power Consumption KW :

Total BTU :

Total energy bill per day : $

Total energy bill per cycle: $