Quantum Board Project

 QB Journey

Horticulture LED Project timeline

First quarter of 2016 'Johnson Grow Lights' and 'Northern Grow Lights' collaborated to design the an high efficient and affordable Horticulture Lighting Engine. We researched every single product offering and datasheet from LED manufactures and found out that Mid Power LED was the way to go. Samsung 561C was chosen as the LED for Quantum Board project.

HLG designed the world's first High Density Mid power modular board for Horticulture Lighting. The original design was refined and became the QB304. With 304 Samsung 561C diodes, QB304 is still highest Performing light engine and outperforms its competitors. HLG is proud to be a part of Lighting enthusiasts community and made QB304 available in Nov 2016.

QB304 offered a dramatic increase in efficiency and for the first time this cutting edge efficiency was affordable. HLG was the first company to offer S6 Flux bin. We also introduced a lower voltage QB 288 to allow more flexibility for lamp design. QB project now includes Qb304, QB288, Slate Heatsinks and reflectors.

HLG 550 is a pre assembled lamp based on 4x QB 288. This lamp was refined and made available in stores since May 2017. It is the first lamp that replaces a single ended 1000W fixture with just 520watts.

We will continue to innovate and bring highest preforming technology to our customers.

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