Join us at Green Pharm in Colorado Springs, CO, as Owner/Operator Tom Dykstra reveals the transformative power of HLG Scorpion Diablo lamps. See for yourself the remarkable evolution of Green Pharm's cultivation process under the HLG LEDs – notable improvements in plant quality, structure, and an incredible boost in trichome production. It's not just about yields; it's the rise in THC levels, like their flagship strain leaping from 20% to an astounding 26% THC, showcasing the profound impact of HLG lighting on crop quality.

Dive into Green Pharm's journey as they experimented with over 10 different LED brands, only to find the game-changer in HLG lights. The moment HLG illuminated their facility, the difference was clear – a quality leap that justified revamping their entire operation. Discover how HLG's unique wider-band blue spectrum expedites flower development, resulting in phenomenal plant growth and impressive lateral expansion. Superior light penetration has dramatically increased their A to B bud ratios, significantly enhancing their harvest margins. Explore the world of advanced cultivation with us and witness how HLG LEDs are setting new benchmarks in the industry.

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