We recently traveled to Denver, Colorado to visit the Artsy Cannabis Co., and meet with Cultivator Director, Dillon Kohagen to film his testimony on the incredible performance our lamps had on the facility grow.

In the video below you can listen to him speak about the remarkable success they are having using HLG lamps in their facility, and discover how HLG’s grow lights have boosted resin and trichome production, improved terpenes, and reduced overall HVAC load at their facility. He talks about how both quality and testing results are up, including growing impressive quality bud, even on the lowest branches of the plants. Dive into the story of Artsy Cannabis Co. and the impact HLG Grow Lights have had on their business. 

As businesses grapple with rising operational costs and uncertainties, companies are turning to rebates to offer a lifeline to reduce expenses. By transitioning to energy-efficient LED lighting solutions, growers can not only cut down on their electricity bills but also have a higher quality product and healthier bottom line. 

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Ask us how HLG can make your commercial grow a success.